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Adding volume is an easy way to take hair to the next level. Style vlogger Heart shows you how to switch up your style and go from Boring to Bombshell with the Bombshell Blowout in :60 seconds.

Follow these steps to get the look:

1. After washing hair, apply Fully & Plush Voluptuous Blowout and comb through wet hair. This is a balm that will give your blowout great shapeand body.

2. Then, spray Mega Full Thickening Spray and comb through. This helps your hair feel instantly thicker. Together, these products give you that Bombshell volume achieved in this look.

3. Now, apply Full & Plush Root Amp Spray Mousse. Spray this right at your roots to take your volume to the next level.

4. Section your hair into four parts and now you’re ready to start blow drying.

5. Starting with the bottom sections, you’re going to take a round brush and blow dry from root to tip, keeping the blow dryer nozzle close to the hair. Concentrate the heat at your roots to get the most volume, then use the cool shot setting to lock in the lift.

6. Now that the blow drying is done, use a little Full Control Hairspray to finish the look!

Get these products, then get the look:
Full & Plush Voluptuous Blowout: 
Mega Full Thickening Spray: 
Full & Plush Root Amp Spray Mousse:
Full Control HS:




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