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Steal the show with this fun short hairstyle. Style vlogger Lindsey Hughes shows you how to switch up your style and go from Straight to Starlet with the Textured Bob in :60 seconds.

Follow these steps to get the look:

1. Wash hair, and while damp, apply Curl Construct Mousse throughout because you’re going to be adding some waves and you’ll want it to hold. Then blow dry.

2. Now, section your hair and then you’re going to loosely braid each section and secure with hair elastics.

3. Then, you’re going to use Flat Iron Perfector Spray on each braid to protect your hair from the heat.

4. Now, take a flat iron and use it on each braid to create the texture. Once that’s complete, release the braids.

5. Finally, just use your fingers to tousle the waves and loosen up the bob. Spray De-Constructed Texture Tease throughout to give yourself that done yet undone look.

Get these products, then get the look:
Curl Construct Mousse: 
Flat Iron Perfector Spray:
De-Constructed Texture Tease:




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