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Step out looking posh with sleek, pin straight hair. Style vlogger Alyx Weiss shows you how to switch up your style and go from Curly to Sleek with the Ultimate Straightening Routine in :60 seconds.

Follow these steps to get the look:
1. Wash hair, and while it’s still damp, apply Brazilian Smooth Flat Iron Express throughout your hair. If you have a lot of curls this stuff cuts down the flat iron time.

2. Then you’re going to apply Sleek & Shine Sleek Primer, which is going to make your smooth look last longer AND it protects against heat damage.

3. Next, section off your hair and start blow drying from the back with a paddle brush.

4. And now it’s flat iron time! We are going for super straight here. Flat iron one section at a time, just to make sure it’s perfect.

5. Now that the flat ironing is done, part your hair and spray Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hair Spray along the part, to finish the look and keep it all in place.

Get these products, then get the look:
Brazilian Smooth Flat Iron Express:…
Sleek & Shine Sleek Primer:…
Sleek & Shine Anti Humidity HS:…




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